How to use pomade in your style?

How to use pomade in your style?

If you like to wear styles like the toupee or pompadour, pomade is your best friend. We tell you how you can style your hair with pomade to achieve a unique result for your everyday style or for a special occasion.

What is a hair pomade?

It's a shiny, viscous substance that allows you to mould your hair into the height or shape you want. The word that best defines it is control, total control over your style. When is it best to use it? On short or medium length haircuts, as it allows you to create frizzy hairstyles with a lot of shine.

However, be careful, as there is a fine line between good and bad pomade use, and if you apply too much product you could make your hair greasy.

How to style your hair with pomade?

First of all, we recommend applying it to dry hair, because if it's wet, the product won't stick properly. Pomade is highly recommended for fine hair but also works for people with thick hair, and if you take a look at Brosh pomades, you'll see that they're perfect for all hair types. It's best to start with a finger's worth of product and gradually add a little more if needed.

As we said, if you use too much, you'll make your hair greasy instead of shiny, and it won't look good.

Finally, rub the pomade into your hands and work it through your hair with your fingers, from roots to ends. Make sure you've covered all the area you want shiny. 

Now that you know how to style your hair using pomade, you just need the best pomade... Take a look at all the variety we have to offer! Brosh Pomade gives you the possibility to use different textures, unscented pomades... And also a lot of products to combine your favorite pomade with! Get your hair looking great every day.