The values behind Brosh

The values behind Brosh

Brosh Pomade is Japan's number one brand of hair products elaborated specifically for barbershops. Nowadays, it is difficult to find someone in the barbershop world who doesn´t know Brosh. But what is there behind the brand? What is Brosh Pomade actually?

Designed for men's hair, the first pomade of our brand was developed in collaboration with the most prestigious Barbershops in the japanese country. It was the first of a complete range of hair pomades and tonics which can adapt to all types of hair and its finish.

In 2017, in collaboration with “Barber Shop Apache”, that is an authentic legend of the Barber Shop in Japan, a product for hair fixation, capable of achieving the greatest fixation without giving up on flexibility was created. This is a unique pomade that does not stick your hair together and allows to create any style, however risky it may seem. After such success, we would design new products inspired by the latest trends. The products were great, but the idea was the actual main character. A unique urban style, which looks at the past to offer products with futuristic results. Brosh Pomade isn't just a product, or a range of them. It's a way of understanding your image, your style and the way you think.

Now, in 2022, new products are still coming all the way from Japan, in order to provide men the best style and the best possible looks.

Japan is a world leader in cosmetic products, stays ahead of trends and developments keeping the highest quality standards. Brosh Pomade is not just a product, it is a way of understanding your image, your style and your way of thinking.


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