Cloudy x Brosh Pomade Collaboration 115g


Refreshing and fresh citrus scent, a combination of elegant citrus and floral.

ike the original pomade, it retains the strong hold that keeps it in place even on Japanese hair types.
The pattern was made by a textile designer from Ghana, Africa, using Barbour as an image resource. The traditional native design incorporates elements such as scissors, hair dryer and comb.

The design on the bottom of the can is a message that "10% of the proceeds will go to support employment in Ghana".

Certified non-profit organisation set up in 2010. It began by supporting children living in slums in Kenya, and now builds schools in Ghana to create educational opportunities, builds factories to create employment opportunities, and supports health by providing school lunches and sex education. With education, employment and health at the centre, we are taking action for the cloudy days of someone living under the same cloud.

Made in Japan.

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