Mens hairstyles for 2023

Mens hairstyles for 2023

It is already a tradition here at Brosh to talk at the beginning of the year about the hairstyles we are going to see the most during the next months. This year was not going to be less, so in this post we talk about the men's hairstyles for 2023. So that you can get straight to the ones that interest you, we'll divide them into fade hairstyles, side parting hairstyles and short hairstyles.

Side parting hairstyles

Back to the classics. The side parting has always been visible in the world of cinema, with figures such as James Bond, for a long time, but also in some more current ones such as The Wolf of Wall Street. They are styles that never go out of fashion, and that allow us different options, depending on how long we wear our hair.

Short with a side parting. Classic among classics, and always an elegant option. It tends to be more fashionable for men of a more adult age, as it is especially flattering because it gives a youthful look. Indispensable for wavy hair, it is perfect for softening the face.

Parting hair. That's right, a long hair is not incompatible with a parting. The truth is that we really like this look, because it gives a casual touch but without losing formality. A mix of casual and elegant, especially with shoulder-length hair.

Fade hairstyles

Fades have been around for a few years now, especially among young men. As you know, the top part of the hair gets longer, and the sides and nape of the neck gradually get shorter.

Toupee: the typical backwards hairstyle, striking and flattering, perfect for straight hair but also for those with more wavy hair. Normally, the nape of the neck and sides are usually shorter, but we are starting to see it completely shaved off as well. The longer the length at the top, the longer the toupee, but we recommend using pomade to maintain the look.

Pompadour: very similar to the toupee, but with shorter hair on top. With this, we achieve two things, so that the style is not too overloaded, and to give it a more "rogue" touch. Volume, style and elegance. Not for nothing is it one of the most requested hairstyles in barbershops.

Hairstyles for short hair

Groomed, cut and tidy hair, that's the premise. The main advantage is that these hairstyles require less daily maintenance.

Shaved: There's something about this hairstyle that never goes away. Some people wear it because they don't want to worry about styling their hair, others prefer to wear it to show off that "rebel" touch. The reality is that this year the shaved look is back in full force.

With fringes: Do you have wavy hair? This style is for you. Among the short hairstyles, it is perhaps the one that least fits the description. We let the fringe grow out a bit, and we can wear it a bit asymmetrical, which gives it a very casual touch.

Dyed in bright colours: we are seeing more and more pinks, greens or blues. Bleaching has given way to more colourful tones, and with this style we get a very bold look for 2023.

These are the top men's hairstyles for 2023. The truth is that we don't see a sharp turnaround from the previous one, but rather an evolution. Now all you need is the perfect styling product to show it off. Check out our shop!